The Faculty of Engineering is set to showcase a remarkable collection of 10 groundbreaking innovations during the upcoming 7th Edition of the Nairobi Innovation Week. The Nairobi Innovation Week (NIW 2023) will be held from Wednesday 17th May to Friday 19th May 2023 at the Main Campus. The Theme of this year’s Innovation Week is Innovation and Commercialization for Sustainable Development.

This highly anticipated event provides a platform for researchers and student engineers to display their ingenuity and present solutions to pressing issues in various fields, including Agriculture, Health, Technology, and Affordable housing. Click here to see our Innovators and Exhibitors

In Agriculture, Eng. Duncan Mbuge will be showcasing a potato harvester that aims to enhance farming practices and address challenges faced by potato farmers. Mr. Bonface Munyole will present a smart irrigation system that utilizes real-time weather data and soil moisture sensors to optimize water usage in agriculture. This sustainable solution not only conserves water but also improves crop yield and reduces costs for farmers.

When it comes to health, Dr. Davies Segera will showcase a Low-cost C-PAP machine for aiding in breathing difficulties in local hospitals and Dr. Peter Akuon will exhibit a Low cost photo-therapy equipment for treatment of Jaundice in children. These health projects focus on leveraging technology to improve healthcare delivery and accessibility.

The Faculty’s Engineers have also developed groundbreaking solutions in the technology sector. One of the notable innovations will be presented by Eng. Geoffrey Muriithi Kiogora, he will be showcasing the Shiriki Mobile App innovation. In addition,  Joseph Suhudu will exhibit Super-App architecture without recompilation and Teddy Lenga will showcase how to use Remote Sensing and GIS Techniques to Identify Potential Fishing Zones.

Additionally, the faculty has made significant strides in tackling housing-related issues. Mellese Yimam will showcasethe Particle Packing Technology in concrete mix design and Kauthar Hassan will showcase the Design and fabrication of a household Gasifier.

The 7th Edition of the Nairobi Innovation Week promises to be a captivating event, showcasing the brilliance and dedication of the Faculty of Engineering's researchers and student engineers. Their innovative projects exemplify the potential for engineering to solve real-world problems and drive positive change across diverse sectors.

we welcome all visitors to make the most of this opportunity by visiting the faculty's exhibition stands and learning about these remarkable solutions that hold the power to shape a brighter future. Follow our conversations on social media using #NIW2023 and #ChangamkiaInnovation for more updates on the 7th edition of the Nairobi Innovation Week