The Engineering Students Association (ESA) has ushered in a new era of leadership, with a fresh team of students taking the reins for the upcoming year. The handover ceremony, held on Wednesday, November 8, 2023, at the Engineering Boardroom, marked a pivotal moment for the association, as the outgoing leaders passed on their knowledge and experience to their successors.

The newly elected ESA leadership team is as follows:

  1. Chairperson: Humphrey Otieno
  2. Vice Chairperson: Reagan Ndubi Oduya
  3. Secretary General: Derick Troy Rusana
  4. Finance: Rahma Anyango Anuro
  5. Academic Secretary: Chune Evans Kihonji
  6. Vice–Academic Secretary: Njoroge Mark Ndungu
  7. Publicity Secretary: Samwel Onkoba Matoke
  8. Social Affairs Secretary: Alvin Mwangi Macharia

During the handover ceremony, Prof. Ayub Gitau, the Dean of the Faculty of Engineering, congratulated the incoming ESA leaders, emphasizing the importance of professionalism, organization, and effective communication in achieving their goals. He encouraged them to diversify the association's activities, incorporating industrial visits and inviting key guest speakers to enhance the professional development of its members. "As you take up the mantle of leadership, your focus should be on professionalism, organizing your activities and conducting your meetings with professionalism, and you will succeed," Prof. Gitau advised. "I also urge you to join the Institution of Engineers Kenya (IEK) as student engineers; this will be your direct link to industry."

Pictured: Newly elected ESA leadership with the Dean, Prof. Gitau
Pictured: Newly elected ESA leaders with the Dean, Prof. Gitau

The Faculty Registrar, Mr. Charles Sikulu, echoed Prof. Gitau's sentiments, reminding the new leaders of the importance of documenting all association activities on the Association website, and social media platforms. He encouraged them to persevere, adopt the successful initiatives of their predecessors, and seek support from the faculty when needed.

Catherine Gatwiri, the Assistant Dean of Students, extended her congratulations to the new leaders, assuring them of the office's unwavering support. "Remember, appointments come with responsibility," she reminded them. "Ensure you execute your duties diligently and professionally for the benefit of all members."

In a gesture of appreciation, the Dean presented certificates to the outgoing ESA leadership, acknowledging their contributions to the association's success. 

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About ESA

This is an association of students from five departments in the Faculty of Engineering. The association is over 40 years old and has been instrumental in bridging the gap between academia and the engineering industry. The association endeavors to keep students informed about opportunities and trends in the engineering industry. In addition to the comprehensive and accredited training that our members undergo in the school to be competent engineers, our members benefit from partnerships with companies to ensure we get additional qualifications and skills. This makes our members the most resourceful and informed of all engineering students in the country, giving them an edge. Our members also benefit from industrial attachments, internships, and employment opportunities granted by our different partners. We organize events aimed at informing our members about the needs and trends in the industry besides giving our partner companies the first market for their products and services.


  1. To create, preserve, and promulgate knowledge of engineering, thereby contributing to the social, cultural, and economic well-being of the people and approach towards developing the nation.
  2. ESA aims to inculcate among its members an awareness and appreciation of the various disciplines of not just engineering but also other relevant fields. By way of its activities, ESA aims to be a resource platform for all the students of the university in general and particularly for the students of the engineering school.
  3. ESA seeks to be an active organization of the engineering school at the university which promotes the members’ career interests.

Aims and objectives

  1. To promote the academic welfare of ESA members in engineering.
  2. To act as a link between ESA members and IEK and promote cooperation with such other professional organizations as may become necessary from time to time.
  3. To promote industrial linkages between ESA members and the industry in and outside Kenya.
  4. To promote academic linkages between ESA members and other associations and institutions in and outside Kenya. 
  5. To establish and maintain funds on such terms as may be arranged from time to time by such executive committees for projects aimed at achieving its objectives.