1. Conduct of Studies and Supervision

  2. A candidate registered in accordance with these regulations shall be required to pursue his programme of study under the supervision of academic staff appointed in that capacity by Senate on the recommendation of the Faculty Board concerned and the Board of Postgraduate Studies.
  3. (i) Candidates shall be required to consult their supervisor(s) at least once every month, and to submit a termly written progress report to the Dean of the Faculty through the supervisor(s) and Chairman of the Department with the copy to the Board of Postgraduate Studies.

    (ii) Each candidate shall be required to attend and participate in seminars organized at the relevant Faculty/Department once a month to enable the Faculties and the supervisors to assess the candidates progress more effectively and to keep candidates in constant touch with their respective faculties.

  4. Recommendations of the appointment of supervisors shall be processed in the first instance by Departments through the Faculty Postgraduate Studies Committee. The recommendation shall then be forwarded to the Faculty Board for approval and onward transmission to the Senate through the Board of Postgraduate Studies.
  5. Before recommending the appointment of any supervisor, the Faculty Board shall satisfy itself that the proposed supervisor is competent in the subject area and field of research in which the candidate proposes to work.
  6. Where a supervisor is appointed from outside the University, such a supervisor should show evidence of competence in the area of study through publications produced since obtaining his higher degree, and as indicated in a curriculum vitae. Such evidence should be requested only once from respective external supervisors.
  7. Normally, two supervisors will be appointed for each candidate, one of whom must be among the academic staff in the Department. However, Faculty Boards may appoint additional supervisor(s) as they may deem necessary in individual cases.
  8. It shall be the duty of each of the supervisors to direct and supervise the work of the student in so far as it relates to the programme of study. In particular, the supervisor shall be required to:-

    (i) Maintain constant and effective contact with candidate(s) assigned to him.

    (ii) Submit individually or jointly with other supervisor(s) academic reports through the Chairman of Department to the Dean on the progress of each candidate at the end of every term.

    (iii) Certify at the end of every term that the candidate has received adequate supervision.

    (iv) Inform the Dean through the Department and Faculty PSC at once if in his opinion a given candidates work is unsatisfactory and unlikely to reach the standard required for the award of a degree of Ph.D.

  9. Where the performance of a candidate is considered unsatisfactory as shown by:- either

    (i) Failure to consult the supervisor as required under (ii), or

    (ii) The receipt of an unsatisfactory report from the supervisor(s) under Regulation 16 (iv),

    Then the candidate shall be given a written warning by the Dean, copied to the Director Board of Postgraduate Studies to the effect that unless he shows signs of improvement within three months he would be considered for de-registration.

    A recommendation for de-registration shall be made to the Senate through the Board of Postgraduate Studies only after receipt of two consecutive negative reports following the warning.

  1. Minimum Duration

    A candidate registered for the degree of Doctor of Philosophy shall carry out a programme of original study or research over a minimum period of 18 months after the date of registration or after completion of any required coursework examination, shall submit a thesis based on the study or research done.

    (ii) Maximum Duration

    No candidate for the degree of Doctor of Philosophy shall be registered as a full-time student for more than four years or as a part-time student for more than five years without submitting his thesis, except by permission of Senate.

  2. Subject to the approval of Senate, Faculties may require the candidate to attend such a course or courses as may be considered appropriate to remedy deficiencies in the candidates academic background or to endow the candidate with specialised skills or knowledge to assist him in his study or research. Performance in courses offered may be assessed.
  3. On the recommendation of the Faculty Board concerned the Senate may permit a candidate to change his registration status from part-time student or vice versa once only, in which case regulation 7 (ii) above shall apply to such a candidate as if he had initially been admitted to the status he now seeks.

For Admission visit: https://application.uonbi.ac.ke/

The minimum University of Nairobi general admission requirements for Doctoral Studies shall apply:

  1. The following shall be eligible to apply for registration for the degree of Doctor of Philosophy in the university:- either
    1. a holder of a Masters degree from the University of Nairobi in Geospatial Engineering or related disciplines, or
    2. a holder of a Masters degree or equivalent academic qualifications of another institution recognized by the University of Nairobi Senate as of comparable status.

    In either case, the applicant should be able to produce evidence, to the satisfaction of Senate, of his capacity to carry out original research.

  2. Subject to the approval of Senate, Faculties may formulate regulations requiring applicants to have obtained such academic or equivalent qualifications as are considered necessary for registration within the academic area of interest of the Faculty and may require applicants to submit to such tests or interviews as the Faculty regulations permit.

The language of instruction is English. For applicants whose first language is not English, the University sets a minimum English Language proficiency level

TUITION            540,000             540,000         540,000            1,620,000
ICT SERVICES - (PER YEAR)                7,000                 7,000             7,000                 21,000
THESIS EXAMINATION                     -                        -             50,000                 50,000
REGISTRATION (PER SEMESTER@2250)                4,500                 4,500             4,500                 13,500
ID CARD ( PER YEAR)                1,000                 1,000             1,000                   3,000
CAUTION - (ONCE)                5,000                      -                     -                     5,000
MEDICAL FEE (PER YEAR)                6,500                 6,500             6,500                 19,500
ACTIVITY-( PER YEAR)                2,000                 2,000             2,000                   6,000
LIBRARY (PER YEAR)                5,000                 5,000             5,000                 15,000
STUDENT ORGANISATION(PER YEAR)                1,000                 1,000             1,000                   3,000
EXAMINATION (PER UNIT @1000)                     -                        -                     -                           -  
Grand TOTAL            572,000             567,000         617,000            1,756,000