Prof. Patrick V. Verkooijen, the Chancellor of the University of Nairobi, outlined his ambitions for academic excellence during a visit to the Faculty of Engineering on January 31 2023. This tour marked a stop on his journey across all 10 UoN faculties, aimed at familiarization and engagement.

Warmly welcomed by Dean Prof. Ayub Gitau, department heads, student leaders, and support staff, the Chancellor enjoyed a tour of the faculty's vibrant labs and engaged in an interactive session. Prof. Gitau proudly presented the faculty's achievements since its inception in 1956, showcasing its robust academic community and research units dedicated to fields like nuclear science and industrial research.

Addressing the faculty and students, Chancellor Verkooijen ignited a spark of ambition, challenging academia to transcend boundaries and embrace the opportunities of collaboration and resource mobilization. "My offering is to be a connector to the global stage," he proclaimed, emphasizing the critical role of international partnerships in elevating the university's profile and impact. Drawing from his illustrious tenure as the World Bank Special Representative for Climate Change, he underscored the importance of strategic alliances in tackling pressing global challenges, echoing the sentiments of unity and purpose.


The Chancellor's vision extends beyond mere aspiration; it is a call to action. Prof. Verkooijen emphasized the need for strategic and deliberate efforts in resource mobilization, urging all stakeholders to harness the full potential of the university's brand value and academic prowess. His commitment to positioning the University of Nairobi as a leader in the African continent resonated deeply with the faculty and students, igniting a sense of collective responsibility and possibility.

Chancellor Verkooijen outlined his multifaceted approach to driving transformative change within the university in his address. From smart resource mobilization to establishing entrepreneurship centers, his strategic initiatives promise to foster a culture of innovation and entrepreneurship that transcends borders. "If we believe in lifelong learning, we can harness the top partnerships of this university," he remarked, emphasizing the symbiotic relationship between academia and the global ecosystem.

Indeed, the Chancellor's visit catalyzed renewed collaboration and synergy within the Faculty of Engineering. Prof. Ayub Gitau, the Dean, lauded the Chancellor's commitment to excellence and outlined the major achievements of the faculty, underscoring the potential for fruitful collaboration in key research areas. "We are honored to have Chancellor Verkooijen's guidance as we strive to enhance our impact both locally and globally," he remarked, echoing the sentiment of optimism and possibility that permeated the air.

In the words of Chancellor Verkooijen, "Let us seize this moment to unlock the full potential of our university and pave the way for a brighter future for generations to come." With unity of purpose and a steadfast commitment to excellence, the Faculty of Engineering at the University of Nairobi is poised to embark on a transformative journey towards greater heights of achievement and impact.

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