Alex A. Aganda Publications
12012Municipal Solid Waste Composition Characteristics Relevant – To Energy Disposal Method For Nairobi City
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22011The Status Of Wood Utilization In Tea Industry In Kenya
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32010Dynamic Modeling Of Temperatures In Poultry Structures
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42001Temperature Profiles In A Wood Packed Bed Heated By Hot Combustion Gases
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52000Aganda, A. A., Coney J. E. R., Sheppard, C. G. W., Farrant, P. E. A Comparison Of The Experimental And Predicted Heat Transfer Performance Of An Evaporator Coil Circuit. Applied Thermal Engineering. 2000.
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62000Aganda, A. A,, Coney J. E. R., Sheppard, C. G. W. Effect Of Air Maldistribution On Performance Of An Evaporator. Applied Thermal Engineering. 2000
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72000Airflow Maldistribution And The Performance Of A Packaged Air Conditioning Unit Evaporator
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81997Aganda, A. A., Murray, P. W., Kionga-Kamau, S. Temperature Profiles In A Wood Packed Bed Heated By Hot Inert Gases. Trans. Institution Of Chemical Engineers. Vol. 75. Part A, October 1997.
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91997Aganda, A.A. Study Of Air Flow Distribution In An Air Conditioning Unit. International Conference Of Mechanical And Engineering Design. Manufacturing And Energy Technology, September. 1997.
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101995The Effect Of Airflow Non-Uniformity On Heat Exchanger Perform-ance, With Special Reference To Air Conditioning Units A
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