Degree Code:F56_1
Degree Type:MASTERS
Degree Duration:2
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Level : 1
Semester: 1
Course Code Course Name Course Hours 
CE 400 Unit Operations And Processes45View Description
CE 401: Water Chemistry And Biology45View Description
CE 403: Water Resources And Irrigation Engineering45View Description
CE 404: Effluent Reuse And Disposal45View Description
CE 405: Applied Hydraulics45View Description
CE 406 : Water And Wastewater Engineering Design45View Description
CE 407: Environmental Engineering Laboratory45View Description
CE 408: Water Resources Administration45View Description
CE 410: Industrial Waste Treatment45View Description
CE 411: Vector Control45View Description
CE 412 : Solid Waste Treatment45View Description
CE 413: Cost Benefit Analysis45View Description
CE 420 : Site Investigation & Terrain Evaluation45View Description
CE 421 : Advanced Soil Mechanics45View Description
CE 422 : Rock Mechanics45View Description
CE 423 Origin And Physical Properties Of Tropical Soils45View Description
CE 424 : Foundation Engineering I45View Description
CE 425 : Foundation Engineering Ii45View Description
CE 426: Foundation Engineering Ii45View Description
CE 427: Foundation Engineering Iv45View Description
CE 428: Earth And Rockfill Dams45View Description
CE 430: Stabilization And Underpinning Of Foundations45View Description
CE 431: Instrumentation In Soil And Foundation Engineering45View Description
CE 432: Construction Planning, Organization And Management In Soil Engineering Including Safety Measures45View Description
CE 440: Advanced Structural Analysis45View Description
CE 441: Matrix Methods Of Structural Analysis45View Description
CE 443: Advanced Structural Design45View Description
CE 444 Behaviour And Design Of Steel Structures45View Description
CE 445: Plastic Analysis And Design45View Description
CE 446: Prestressed Concrete45View Description
CE 447: Advanced Structural Concrete Design45View Description
CE 448: Structural Dynamics45View Description
CE 449: Construction Materials45View Description
CE 450: Construction Of Structures45View Description
CE 460: Urban Transportation Planning I45View Description
CE 461: Urban Transportation Planning Ii45View Description
CE 462: Pavement Design I45View Description
CE 463: Pavement Design Ii45View Description
CE 464: Traffic Design And Control Operations45View Description
CE 465: Stations And Terminals45View Description
CE 466: Theory Of Traffic Flow45View Description
CE 467: Transportation Safety And Pollution Control45View Description
CE 480: Applied Statistics And Operation Research45View Description
CE 481: Water Resources Management And Administration45View Description
CE 482: Engineering Economics And Cost Benefit Analysis45View Description
CE 483: Water Resources Systems Engineering45View Description
CE 484: Applied Hydrology And Flood Control Engineering45View Description
CE 486: River Engineering45View Description
CE 487: Ground Water Resources45View Description
CE 488: Irrigation And Drainage Engineering45View Description
CE 489: Hydraulic Structures45View Description
CE 490: Water Resources Project Planning45View Description
CE MM2: Theory Of Plates And Shells458View Description
CE 409: Groundwater Technology45View Description

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