The University of Nairobi is the most esteemed and largest in Kenya, the oldest and the best in many ways.  Being alumni makes one part of an important heritage in this country.

 The College of Architecture and Engineering is the original concept of Technical education in East Africa, which was given the Royal Charter in 1951, as the Royal Technical College of East Africa.  Later this College was transformed into Royal College Nairobi, and later renamed University College, Nairobi.


Kenya lies between Somali to the East, Ethiopia to North, South Sudan to Northwest, Uganda to the west and Tanzania to the South.  The country is cut across by the Rift Valley, which runs from North to South and whose depth is between 610 and 941 metres below the rest of the landscape. Being on the equator, there are no marked seasonal changes,  In most parts of the country there are two rainy seasons “Long” and “Short” rains.

The University is situated in Nairobi, a fast growing city with a population of 3.5 million.  The city stands at an altitude of 1,675 metres above sea level.  It is 480 Kilometres west of the Indian Ocean.


Nairobi enjoys a temperate climate.  It has no real winter or summer because it is near the equator and at high altitude.  The days are warm and nights are cool for the greater part of the year.  The temperature rarely rises above 80 degrees F (27 degreess c) in the middle fo the day or fall below 50 degress F (10 degrees c) at night.

The long rains fall from end of March, to end of May, while short rains are experienced from end October to end December.  Nairobi is the capital city, commercial and cultural sector of Kenya.



Its primary concern is the welfare of the students from entry to graduation by promoting holistic development that help students make mental physical and emotional adjustments.  The office is represented in each college by the Assistant Dean of students.  The main concerns are:

Advocacy and Liaison Activities

 This office is responsible to safeguarding students rights, while also seeing that, students adhere to the provided code of conduct.  The officer represents student welfare interests in various University Committees: Appeals and Disciplinary, hearings and task forces.  The officer also works in liaison with other University staff, such as School Deans, Directors, Wardens, Medical staff, student Welfare Authority Director, student representatives in addressing student needs.


The University recognizes the need for spiritual services to students in terms of drawing attention to spiritual values within various faiths.  There are three chaplains ie. Catholic, Protestant and Muslim.


For the holistic development of students, the office maintains, counselors, psychologists, Assistant Deans of students, who offer counseling services, to enhance students emotional, behavioral and spiritual wellbeing. Professional support is offered as follows.

Adjustment to University life.

  • Career concerns
  • Alcohol and Drug Abuse and other addictions
  • Grief and loss
  • Disability concerns
  • Emotional issues (Depression, Anxiety etc)
  • Health concerns (including HTC)
  • Financial Assistance
  • Stress and crisis management
  • Trauma
  • Personality concerns (Self confidence, abnormal behavior)
  • Many more


Students may form associations, clubs and societies that meet their needs.  These are registered and supported by the office of the Dean of Students.  Their activities/events are co-ordinated by the office of the Assistant Dean of students in their respective colleges and campuses.  Through these organizations, students are able to participate in community activities, professional related events, exchange visits, attend international conferences and meetings, to develop their social and life skills.

To sample a few:

  • Engineering students Association (ESA)
  • Architecture Students Association
  • Planning Students Association (PLASA)
  • AISEC Kenya
  • University of Nairobi International Students


The office is fully engaged in the task of helping transform the University environment into one which gifted and students with disability have an equal opportunity to acquire or access education and participate it all aspects of University life.

The following support services are available:

  • Advocacy/advice or issues related to disability
  • Suitable Accommodation
  • Provision of equipment
  • Sign language training
  • Braille services
  • Transport within and outside the University.
  • Repair/Replacement of mobility, visual and hearing aids.


Seek to address the employment placement needs of students, both continuing and recent graduates.  This service assists in following:

  • Facilitate industrial attachments
  • Facilitate vocational and voluntary employment
  • Maintains a curriculum vitae bank
  • Hold career fairs and exhibitions
  • Organize career talks/provision of career information
  • Facilitate recruitment drives for various organizations e.g. Government, Private Institutions and international organizations.

In brief our mission is to provide an enabling environment for students growth, as a whole.


International students are advised to get the necessary visas from the Kenyan Embassies in their country of origin. The student permits are obtained once students get into in the country (Kenya) and are registered in various teaching departments at the University. The permit allows international students legal status to be in the education institution.


While in Kenya the currency used is the Kenya Shilling (Kshs.). The most commonly used foreign currency is the US Dollar.  The exchange rate between the US dollar and Kenyan Shilling fluctuates around Kshs.85 per us dollar.  It changes depending on strength of the Kshs. against the dollar.  The current exchange rates are found in daily newspapers.


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